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Spring is sooner recognized by plants than by man…

We see new and tender leaves which come out in the branches of the trees. The birds remain silent throughout the winter season. But as soon as the spring comes, they break their silence and start singing sweet songs.

People wait for this season for outing as the climate becomes mild, they enjoy picnics during this season. Nature gives a grand feast to our hungry eyes. Buds of flowers peep to see its beautiful sight. Flowers bloom and spread their sweet fragrance all around.

Spring is the symbol of life. It brings richness and rashness everywhere. The air and the earth is filled with new life, giving us new hopes and aspirations. The sight of mountain isn't less beautiful. There we can see the nature in its true color.

Spring is known as the king of the seasons. Nature appears in her best form and provides us with all kinds of pleasures. It is a time of renewal, is a great time to get a "fresh start" even on something that we have been working on for a long time!!

Happy Spring and enjoy farmers markets season that starts in May.

About Us

Farmington Soap Works was founded in 2009, with the goal of providing a superior, hand-cast alternative to mass produced detergents masquerading as soap. From the beginning, we were determined use only the finest ingredients in our cold-process soaps, and not to use any artificial preservatives or animal-based products.

Farmington Soap Works creates unique, hand-cast cold process soaps, using only the finest tropical oils and selected ingredients, for a true one-of-a-kind soap. Our special blend of oils provides an exceptionally creamy lather, and the colorful designs and exotic scents are sure to please.

Providing Handcrafted Soaps Since 2009...

Farmington Soap Works offers you several ways for shopping our products: First option - in our online store; Second option- visiting the different regular season or winter farmers markets that we participate during the year and Third option- in our retailers located in different areas of Metro Detroit.

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