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About Us

Farmington Soap Works creates unique, hand-cast cold process soaps, using only the finest tropical oils and selected ingredients, for a true one-of-a-kind soap. Our special blend of oils provides an exceptionally creamy lather, and the colorful designs and exotic scents are sure to please.

Its Farmers Market time again in Michigan!!!

Hello all and welcome back to this wonderful time of the year, where shopping in the different Markets that Michigan offers, is the easiest way to eat locally. When you shop at a Farmers Market you know where the food comes from: After all, the growers are right there and you can ask them anything you like.

At farmers markets, local farmers, growers, food producers and crafters come together to sell their products directly to the public. Farmers markets not only offer consumers the opportunity to consume farm-fresh, locally grown food, they also provide the opportunity for producers and consumers to get to know each other on a personal level.

In recent years farmer's markets have become extremely popular. Most communities have market on Saturdays and Sundays morning, while others during weekdays evening. A farmers market offers small farmers the chance to market their produce, incubate their businesses, and supplement their income. Increasingly, however, farmers markets are also helping to create robust local economies and more vibrant communities.

During this Market Season you can find us at the following Markets: Ypsilanti Farmers Market (Tuesdays); Wayne Farmers Market (Wednesdays); Farmington Farmers Market (Saturdays); Birmingham Farmers Market (Alternate Sundays) and Canton Farmers Market (Alternate Sundays).

So come along and enjoy our ride!

Special Occasion Soap Bars, Gift Boxes, Bags & Baskets

Perfect for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, or any other special occasion where you would like to thank your guests with a special handcrafted favor. You can select our soap souvenirs in whole or ½ sized bars, beautifully packaged in an organza bag and with a customizable band wrapped around each soap. Minimum quantities are as low as two dozen bars, in increments of one dozen (24, 36, 48, etc). Please allow six to eight weeks for ordering. For your customized quote, please contact us at Your business is always our pleasure!!

FSW Articles

First up is our Farmington Soap Works Product Guide. In it, you will find out everything you ever wanted to know about our products and ingredients... What kind of oils we use, how "natural" our All Natural soaps are, and why we select the ingredients we use.

We've also left up our cold process soap article. This used to be our "about us" page, and describes how we make our cold process soaps. Did you know that all of our soaps are cured for weeks before they are offered for sale?

Finally, we've posted an article about pH testing, and our campaign to stomp out "zap testing". We expect this to step on some toes, maybe bruise some egos. But honestly - how can anyone seriously consider using your tongue to test for lye content to be a good idea?